Connection with others is the most important thing to me and all of my work builds into that.

I can't stand being compared. I work hard to be me. When someone says Oh you remind me of x I feel less-than. I must work harder creatively to avoid confusion.

Small Difference is the root of my creativity. A Freudian concept that explores how we deal with those closest to us. Nearby nations are more likely to war over resources. Similar people more likely to conflict over identity.

Expression and connection drive my decisions. I develop my worldview...who I want to surround myself with...how to express to connect.

That's my clothes. My music. My videos. My events. My tech. Whatever else I've worked on. My language, carefully constructed semiotics built into a signal, sent to those switched to the frequency. If my expression is not distinct, it gets diluted and I miss my connections. That's why Small Difference matters.

I'm not the I don't give a fuck type. My clothes are my words and they say a lot about me. I care very much what you think. I put great thought into these messages, and I hope they connect with you.

I want these clothes to have a life beyond me, one built into your identity. Combine the words that are my clothes with others to create your own phrases. Your expression.

My greatest wish is that you create your own expression that comes back around to connect with me.

sg (@sdotglass)